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Chu and Evans argue scientists are "cognitively overloaded" by the flood of papers to read, review and cite, so they look for how the work in front of them relates to well-established research. And the researchers predict if ideas arrive too fast in publications, they will compete for attention and wash each other out. They tested those predictions by analyzing more than 1.8 billion citations of about 90.6 million papers published between 1960 and 2014 in 10 large scientific fields . They found a massive inequality in how papers in those fields are cited, they report in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences. For example, when the field of electrical and electronic engineering published about 10,000 papers each year, the top 1% most-cited papers got almost 9% of total citations and the bottom 50% least-cited papers got 44% of citations. When the field grew to produce 100,000 papers per year, the top 1% received almost 17% of citations whereas the bottom 50% got about 20%. That large inequality wasn't seen in smaller fields. And "the most-cited papers maintain their number of citations year over year when fields are large, while all other papers' citation counts decay," they write.

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Public Works Director Jeremy Damas said the city will still use groundwater conjunctively with river water, especially in the summer, noting that in the summer peak use of 11 million gallons per day while the plant will only supply up to 5 million gallons.  He estimated about 75 percent of the water consumed in winter time will be treated river water. Granberg said that drawing less water from underground aquifers will allow for its recharge, and allow the city to shut down and repair wells as the need arises since there will be another source of water available. Having two sources of water will make Ceres more drought resilient, he noted, especially when TID is forced to scale back on releases from the dam as mandated by the state during times of drought. Recently the state water board directed the reservoirs to curtail holding back water at the various dams which, if prolonged, could affect water to farmers if another year of drought is experienced. To whatever degree of water cutbacks to farmers is the same cut back in water allowed to be drawn by the SRWA plant. Currently TID has a 25 percent curtailment.

Visitors have been lining up again outside the TKTS booth for discounted Broadway tickets after <a href=for beginners theaters reopened this fall.' align='left' /> The hotel, like businesses across the hospitality industry , has also struggled to fill its job openings, meaning employees may have to work longer hours this holiday season. Hotels and restaurants got a boost this fall from the reopening of Broadway theaters, which had been dark since March 2020. The Broadway League, a trade association whose members include theater owners and producers, has not released weekly sales or attendance data since then, but Charlotte St. Martin, the group’s president, said that most of the 77 performances in September were sold out or close to full. During the 2018-2019 Broadway season, a record 2.8 million international visitors attended a show, accounting for 19 percent of total attendance that year, according to the Broadway League. “Since Broadway reopened, it’s definitely helping,” said John Fitzpatrick, who owns two hotels in Midtown. “But we need the international travelers. They come during the week, they stay longer and they have an expense account.” Hotels and restaurants got a boost this fall from the reopening of Broadway theaters, which had been dark since March 2020.Credit...John Taggart for The New York Times The diamond district in Midtown Manhattan used to draw tourists on their way to a show or Rockefeller Center. Local store owners say loose diamonds are cheaper in the diamond district than in Europe, a discount that attracted tourists from Britain, Italy and France.

Photo of Pat Meyers, Colorado OEDIT website has been around for a long time, long before COVID. What we’re doing is in part responding to the impacts of COVID on the state, but it’s also the economic development that we’ve been doing for years.  Economically, what do you envision for the state once the pandemic is finished? We have a mismatch, both in the state and nationally; we have a lot of unemployed people, and we also have a lot of open jobs. I think what we’re going to find is that it is largely a skills mismatch, that we have a labor force that does not have the right skill set, or is not in the right geography to fill the open jobs. There are over 10 million open jobs in the U.S. currently. It’s going to take a lot of agencies and non-profits to work on that skills mismatch. It’s going to be a combination of higher education, skills-based training, apprenticeships, and regional workforce training. It’s going to require a lot of people looking at this issue and trying to figure out how to solve it.